Saturday, October 07, 2006

Don't Forget The Motor City

What a hoot it was to see the Detroit Tigers maul the Yankees. I am rooting for the Tigers to go all the way. My beloved Tribe is out of it, so I am a free agent fan. I suppose one could make the case that I should favor the A's. There is an assistant to the GM in that organization that shares my name. But he seems like a bit of a flake, so that is out. I can't cheer the Yankees. Just can't. If you have to ask, I would not be able to explain. So that leaves me with the Tigers. (I'll only root for a National League team if they are playing the Yankees.)

So...let's make a list of reasons to hope the Detroit Tigers claim the World Series crown.

  • Their manager is Jim Leyland.
  • The represent a Great Lakes city that has seen brighter days.
  • Nice job, Chapel
  • My maternal grandparents were married in Detroit.
  • They are not the Yankees.
Please add your reasons in the comments.

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