Thursday, September 14, 2006

A first in my life today!

I drove my car with the "Gas Low" light on! It was my plan to get the tank as empty as possible you see. The family and I earned a whopping $2.40 from Get Go gas and with gas prices dropping like a rock - I wanted to get as much gas as possible for "free". Well I made it to the gas station before I ran out - but the gas wasn't free - I had to pay 2 cents! That irked me a little bit. Now I'm rooting for the gas to go under $2 again so the family can earn more free gas!


  1. This is a stunning event. If you do not know Joyce (you are reading this blog, you probably do), you cannot comprehend the total abandonment of habit this represents. "Habit" has been tainted by its frequent coupling with "bad". But Joyce's habits, on the whole, keep the household running smoothly. My co-workers marvel at my brown bag lunches marked with my name. She has "thank you" notes in the mail before the gift-wrap is in the trash. I can only imagine the butterflies that must have fluttered in her belly as she saw that gage reach its nadir. Thank you, dear, for resisting the urge to top off at one quarter, one eighth and one sixteenth full.