Friday, December 14, 2007

Can you believe it?

The Browns could be going down uncharted waters - something I would have never believed in a million years happen this year -- the playoffs. Yes, Sunday is a must win for the Brownies if they want to continue as some people call it "the season of dreams". Today I listened to a local radio station who each Friday has a panel of people pick who they think will win for the week in the NFL. The producer of the show who gets to make picks gave the most unique reason I think I will ever hear on to why the Browns will win. Please note the producer is male and not female. He said, that it is a battle of Lake Erie as both cities border the big lake. He continued on that the Lake like Cleveland much better than Buffalo and therefore the Browns will win. I have to agree - I believe there will be snow on Sunday but if the forecast becomes a reality could you imagine how much snow Buffalo could have during the game?? I love when the elements could ultimately have an effect on the game.


  1. The Mighty Brownies actually have a hard-nosed, stiff arming, put your should down and knock 'em on their ass running back. I like our chances!

  2. "put your should down" - I meant put your SHOULDER down...