Saturday, August 26, 2006

Remain calm, Tribe Fans. We have seen this before.

I know I try and play it cool. I pretend that I could not care less about how my beloved Cleveland Indians play. But the truth is, I still want to watch them win. An win they have done in the last several weeks. I read that the Wahoos possess the best record in the majors since August 9th. I know - that sure seems like an arbitrary date. But I'll take it.

Here is my problem; I had high hopes based on their performance in the last months of 2005 (minus the Chicago series in the last week). I can safely say that 2006 has not met those expectations. Should I just enjoy every victory, and say "Prove yourselves!" next spring?


  1. This is why you watch baseball, even when your team is out of it....Kevin Kouzmanouf hits a grand slam, on hthe first pitch he ever saw in the big leagues! First person to do that in Major League history! Great for him! Where do you go from here?

  2. WOW I was out of town, and didn't know it was a grand slam. I knew he hit a homer in what I assumed was his first game, but first at-bat!? I do love this game.