Wednesday, May 02, 2007

MLB denies Cleveland in protested game

So the MLB decided the Indians will not have a chance to change the outcome of last Saturday's contest with the Orioles. See the attached article for the ruling.

What I find funny in this whole article that if you scroll down the fans not only go off on the MLB Officials but they take a few cheap shots at the Journalists who write for the city paper. Granted all of the sports journalists for the paper stink and are super negative, but I think its funny how they work it in.

I think the Indians got hosed in the deal. Did the umpires ultimately get the decision right? yes. 3 innings later is a little weak. What is even worse the manager of Baltimore nor the player who scored the run contested the call at the time it happened. It was the bench coach who brought it up. I guess the player and manager lack "attention to detail" when it comes to their job.

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  1. Also in that thread is a Yankee's fan gloating. Nice,