Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Reality TV

Apollo MUST WIN!!!

I could care less about Idol. If I had to pull for someone I guess it would be Blake because I totally loved his Bon Jovi song

Apollo MUST WIN! He is a smidge better than Joey - he wins because Juilanne is hotter than Kym and way way way way way way way better than Ms. Ali.


  1. I agree Joyce about Ono and hottie. They kicked it right proper last night. I am about done with Bruno, and seems like Len is too.

    As far as Idol, I take tho opposite tack. I'm betting Blake Beatbox relied too much on a gimmick. Jordin is more likable. Blake reminds me of Morrissey. Very talented, but not particularly endearing.

  2. YEA!!!!!!!!!! I got my wish regarding DWTS. Again - I could care less about Idol unless Carrie Underwood was to win the contest again.