Friday, May 11, 2007

When did the switch get turned off??

Can someone please explain to me how a young pitcher be effective one year and look like a promising prospect and then the next year - Boom! Lose confidence in his stuff? I'm talking about Jeremy Sowers. He was so effective at the end of last year. Was he running on adrenaline that he made it to the bigs that he wasn't overthinking each pitch? Was he following the catcher's lead in what pitch to throw and now is too cocky to listen to his battery mate? I hope he gets it back soon. Right now with the way he is pitching I think another stint in Buffalo might do him a bit of good. Maybe this is the reason Shapiro is/was afraid to go with his home grown youth because the growing pains can hurt. Fausto has made the adjustment and is a major league player. When Westbrook comes back from the DL, they must find a spot for Fausto (and the bullpen is not the place)


  1. I feel that it's typical growing pains....Sowers has been successful at all levels, and will continue to be here. He is not hitting his locations right now, a must for a control pitcher. If he still struggles after 2-3 more starts, a side trip to Buffalo could help, with Adam Miller taking his place. It shows how valuable starting pitching depth is!

  2. The Tribe! The Tribe?

    Yee-gads! the SI Jinx is gonna screw you in the ground bubba. The C.Reds are going to hit Cleveland and they ain't coming to visit the Gene Pitney display in the Rock Hall. They're coming with blood in their eyes and the Indians in their sites. Be afraid! Be very afraid Cleveland!

    Don't let the 16-25 record or the fact that the Reds have gone 3-12 over their last 15. These Reds are actually the best 3-12-over-their-last-15 team in the bigs.

    We can hear you sweat all the way down here.


  3. You are wrong Robby. The Reds are now the best 3-13 over their last 16 team in the bigs.

    Go Tribe!

  4. Yeah, that reds bullpen looked good tonight......tooo bad Loshe put em in a big hole!