Sunday, October 16, 2005

What a football Saturday that was!

Did you watch the college games on TV yesterday? Particularly Penn State v. Michigan or USC v. Notre Dame? Both games had cliff hanging, stomach turning endings. In both cases I was rooting for the team that lost it with seconds to go. Never mind that, though. I never place a wager on sports, so no real harm came of it. This is why I like college ball so much more than pro; the student sections and marching bands go nuts on every play. The players have often waited four years to play one particular rival on one particular Saturday. When seconds are left on the clock and there are no more "get 'em next year" for the seniors, there is real emotion. In the grand scheme of life does it matter? Not really. But it sure is fun.

By the way, the mighty Bowling Green State University Falcons were victorious!

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