Thursday, February 23, 2006

Spring is coming!

The birds are starting to sing again, the sun is staying out a little longer and the sound of wood hitting leather is in the air. Ah - yes Spring Training has begun. Of course you have your usual suspects making headlines because not much has happened yet. Barry Bonds isn't showing up until March - hey its his last year are they going to fire him?? Manny says he doesn't want to be in Boston - I guess the media wants a relationship with the guy but Manny would rather just hide his head in the sand. And the biggest news in Cleveland - Grady Sizemore has cut his hair - apparently short and military like. Can we see a picture? I know one thing - I would hate to be a reporter at the beginning of camp trying to get a story for the day and all you get is that Grady cut his hair. It has to be hell until the practice games begin for a reporter.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Blast From the Past - Brian Sipe

When I was in high school we were all Browns crazy. It was the days of the Cardiac Kids. Novelty songs on the radio about The Twelve Days of Browns Chritmas and a Brian Sipe poster in every girl's locker. Ok, not every girl. But enough cool girls to make it memorable. Cool girls are real opinion shapers in high school, you will recall.

So all these years later, Brian Sipe has long ago hung up his spikes. And moved back to San Diego. Where he bumps into Hugh Hewitt. And says all the right things. Check out the transcript of Brian Sipe talking with Hugh about politics, religion, and VERY serious matters like Cleveland Browns football.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Olympic Coverage on NBC

Ok, I really like the Olympic Games. However, sometimes the television coverage simply leaves me cold. Even in the summer games. My only criticism so far is Jim Lampley. More specifically his hair. Mr. Lampley has salt-and-pepper hair. Nothing wrong with that. In a matter of weeks, I will also. However, the manner in which it is styled causes a hypnotic moiré effect. Perhaps it is just my TV.

The tube is broadcasting the opening ceremony as I type. Now I have a second gripe. Brian Williams just attempted to edify us that there is some sort ofcontroversyy brewing in Denmark about cartoons. Mr. Williams shares that this controversy hasn't been covered much in the United States. Perhaps he has this perception because he gets his news from broadcast network television. I think the cartoon controversy has captured the attention of American blogging. Jeesh.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl XL

Not the greatest game, definitely the worst National Anthem and Halftime show in recent memory and LOVED most of the commercials - FAVORITE commercial by far was the Ameriquest Commercial where they zapped the bug dead on top of the patient.

I think I am one of the rare Clevelanders who is happy for the Steelers, specifically Jerome Bettis. I think he is a classy guy who has had a pretty good career so I like when good things happen to good people. Maybe part of me wants to know what it feels like after your team wins the big sausage.

I just read that Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw were not apart of the pre-game - honor thy MVP's from past Super Bowls because of $$. The league was going to give them $1000 for incidentals but was taking care of flight, hotel, and game tickets. Call me crazy but I would sign up for that deal in a heartbeat!!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

del Series el Caribe

Are you watching?

Tell me,
how many of you are glued to your TVs, watching Fox Sports Espanol, as the World Beosbal Classic is being played out?
I learned MATH by watching baseball, I might as well learn Spanish the same way! My God....I haven't seen a live game in 5 months......this is great.....even if Venezuela is beating the Dominican Republic 8-7