Wednesday, October 05, 2011

So you think Peyton Hillis isn't tough? I'm here to help.

I've lived in the Cleveland area for more than forty years and I've followed sports for almost as long. You can imagine I've seen and heard some pretty ridiculous stuff in that time and you would be right.

Sports fans in Cleveland like to tell ourselves and like to hear our teams say we are "the greatest fans in the country". While it is true we tend to come back year after year to see basically the same disappointing results, that does not mean we are particularly good at being fans. Bottlegate anyone?

I can honestly say one of the lowest points for Cleveland fans may have been hit these last two weeks. Peyton Hillis, the one bright spot of the Browns' season last year and Madden cover winner, is being called weak and heartless because he sat out a game because of strep throat.

Why do I feel this criticism is unfounded and unfair?

Follow my steps below:
1. Have you ever been sick? Yes? Go to 2. No? Shut up.
2. Have you ever had a job. Yes? Go to 3. No? Shut up.
3. Have you ever been so sick you couldn't work? Yes? Go to 4. No? Good for you. You have been lucky. (If you think this gives you authority to talk crap about Hills, shut up!)
4. Have you ever been a professional athlete? Yes? Go to 5. No? Me neither. Shut up.
5. Are you Peyton Hillis' physician? Yes? Feel free to say he should have played. No? Shut up.
6. Are you any one of the following; a sports writer, a radio talk show host, a blogger, a guy sitting a home reading blogs, listening to radio talkers and reading sports columnists? SHUT THE HELL UP!
7. Are you Peyton Hillis' agent. Please shut up. (This goes for all agents, actually.)
8. Are you Peyton Hillis? Keep doing what you are doing.

The rest of you clear on this? Good.

What? You're still here?

Well. I'm awfully glad to see you stopped by. It is a small miracle that I decided to stop by my own self.

Here is the truth > Twitter and Facebook have just about sated by urge to blog. Times change, people change.

I do, however, still value the medium of the daily web log (commonly known as a "blog".) So today I will commit to reinvigorating both this humble exercise as well as The Blog.

My next post will concern the absurdity of non-athletes criticizing Payton Hillis as they have in the last two weeks.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Keynes / Hayek Rematch Video

This is pretty epic and if the sergeant stripes were not inverted and it didn't flow over my template it would be near perfect.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

What we've learned this month

I think a good blogmaster should post, at minimum, annually. I'm here to weigh in recent big news and our reaction to it.

Osama  Bin Laden is dead, and it was at the hands of the U.S. military acting on the orders of Barack Obama. My reactions follow.

  1. Good.  Wish it had happened sooner.
  2. The celebrations outside the White House was ridiculous. I honestly think some Spring Fling kegger just relocated at the word from CNN. What was more ridiculous was the news networks covering the party like it was reflective of how most Americans reacted. 
  3. Release the pictures. It won't dispel the conspiracy theororists, but it will at least make them work harder.
  4. I was saddened by my friends who immediately reacted by hoping OBL sudden exit from this life will bring about the end of the Kinetic Military Action to Mitigate Man Made Disasters. In other words, our troops are not coming home next week because their mission is not to get Bin Laden.
  5. It is unfortunate that the White House/Pentagon press office seems to have changed details of the mission form say-to-day. Those who do not understand how and why this happens are also the same people who plant and fertalize conspiracy theories.
  6. God Bless the Navy SEALs
Let's talk again in a few months or sooner.