Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tribe on a Roll - Was it all Byrd's Fault?

The group consensus of the brain trust here at SMWIAL was that losing Byrd was simply a money saving maneuver for our beloved Indians. But look what has happened since his bolt to Boston. Ten in a row, baby.

Mr. Byrd always had that outward appearance of being a consummate professional, a great teammate and a good guy. I think he would be a great dude to sit down and shoot the bull with over a cool beverage.

But was there a dark side? Was he a mean old SOB in the clubhouse, striking fear into the rookies and never returning borrowed magazines to the veterans? Was he prone to fits of furious screaming "I said ICE WATER! This is COLD WATER!" Did he burp loudly and not pardon himself?

Did the media cover for his bad habits like back in JFK's day? Come clean Mr. Shapiro. Speak truth, Mr. Wedge!

I have absolutely no evidence or any cause to speculate this. But I am a blogger, so who is going to notice?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Baseball Boys

John, James and Patrick make backyard baseball seem like a three ring circus.