Thursday, March 30, 2006

My blood is boiling! Walking on the fighting side of me.

The immigration bills being considered in the House and Senate have been the buzz about the Internet and talk radio this week. I've kept a fairly moderate temperament about the whole thing. My main observation is this; if your first action upon entering a country is to break its laws, you are not really in a strong position to demand "rights" and lecture others about moral behavior. That, and Cardinal Mahoney is not my favorite churchman.

Then I stumble upon a picture of protesters raising the Mexican flag above an inverted American flag. That is too much for me. Just who in the HELL do these people think they are? I will admit that I am unusual in that from time to time I read the Flag Code and try to follow what it prescribes. But you needn't be a former Boy Scout to see there is something really wrong with what these people are trying to accomplish. Moreover, there is something doubly sinister in elected officials pandering to them in the hopes of returning to the majority party (or to appear "moderate").

The Baseball Season is upon us..

And I am going to predict how many games the Indians are going to win. I am going to go with 90 - 95. If I had to be pinned down on one number I'm going with 95. I think these kids are all going to have breakout years. As always injuries play a big part. Our bullpen is different but I think they will still hold steady. I am very excited what Shapiro and Dolan has done with the young kids and locking em up for the future. It reminds me of '95 when Hart was doing the same thing. I have goosebumps just thinking about it!! Can't wait for the 1st game!!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

March Madness!!

#1 Ok - as I watch all the Division Tourney's this week and weekend the question I wonder outloud is this -- when a team is inbounding the ball, why does the defense waste a guy by putting a guy on the ball and not watching for where the ball goes or anticipates where the ball goes - that way they can possibly get a turnover because the offense can't inbound the ball. We did this many times in high school and I think its a good thing - why don't these over paid coaches do this?? Have I missed my calling??

#2 I understand the INDIANS want to make a little more cash this year - but their lack of planning is making me go gray. Will they hurry up their negotiations with my local cable company (who has already raised my rates by the way) and get the deal done so I can watch my team ASAP!!!!

#3 I am so done with germs and colds this season!!! I have had enough runny noses, coughs, and being puked on for one cold season.

Good luck in your brackets. Bartender can I have another???

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Today's Soap Box

Two things I have read today have me sitting back and scratching my head.

1) The Bachelor and his girl are no longer together. I never watched this show closely because there was just something there that didn't seem believable. I know the show is edited for TV but I guess I have a hard time believing that a guy or girl is going to find the perfect mate in 8 weeks. I wonder if they like the free pass to date 15 people at once and not getting an slack for it.

2) Madonna's daughter asked if she was gay because she saw the footage of her kissing Brittany Spears. Madonna's response? I was passing on my super star powers. Oh - yea did I mention they play a game guess who is gay?? I hope my sons and I never play that game.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

What would YOU have said?

My dear lovely wife has been suffering from congestion, headache, cough. She took some medicine this morning and it really gave her some relief. I have had the same type bug. Because she cares about my well being, she said "You should try this, I took some this morning and now I feel like a new woman."

Before I could stop myself, I replied; "That's great, I've been looking for a new woman."

What would have been a more appropriate response?