Monday, January 30, 2006

Skating With The Dancing Idols


This year brings a whole lot 'o talent shows to prime time television. There is "Skating With Celebrities", "Dancing With The Stars" and "American Idol". I sheepishly admit I have seen at least part of every episode of all three.
  • My first excuse is, "Yes, but have you seen the dresses those lovely ladies don't wear?" I know that does not explain "Idol", but cut me some slack.
  • My second excuse is, "Yes, but my lovely wife enjoys these programs, it affords us an opportunity to spend recreational time together."
  • My final defense is, "Darn it! I'm allowed to wallow in this pop culture dreck and enjoy it! That's right! I ENJOY it!"
So let me ask you, "Do you watch any of these shows?" Are you secure enough in your masculinity and refined taste in culture to admit it? That's the ticket! I AM masculine. I DO have refined taste in the performing arts.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

CoCo Mania !


I know that I may be putting a target on my back, and I may need to hire someone to test my food in public places, but I'm gonna say it anyway....."what's the big fuss about a potential trade of CoCo Crisp?".
My God, if you listen to the fans around Cleveland, you would think that Frank Lane is trying to trade Rocky Colavito again, and throwing in Sam McDowell and Gaylord Perry, too! Granted, Coco has one of the best baseball names around, but he is not the straw that stirs the offensive drink in our lineup. Coco has turned out to be a pleasant surprise, and he may have some more upside, but he is an average fielder at best. He is not a base-stealing threat, and should be expendable if Mark Shapiro and the scouts feel that the team can be improved. Many of the same fans that are whining now were dead against the trade that sent Bart Colon packing.....all we have to show for that deal is Cliff Lee (18 wins), Brandon Phillips(a bust so far....but alot of teams still ask for him), and, oh yeah, a kid named Grady Sizemore! No one had heard of Grady or Cliff back in 2002, either! The 2005 season has given Shapiro and his staff the credibility that they know what they are doing. It is much easier to plug a hole in one of the corner outfield spots, than it is to find a 3rd baseman that has been voted the best in every league that he has played in to date.
I am a diehard Tribe fan, but I cannot even begin to claim that I know the entire minor league talent's hard enough to keep track of the players that run thru Lake County! What I do know, from press reports, is that this Marte was ranked by experts as the top talent in the Atlanta organization, and in the top 10 in the entire country.
Let me share 2 past trades that I was upset about, at the time, because I didn't have the "inside scoop". The first was 1996, when John Hart sent Carlos Baerga packing in mid-season. Carlos had put up numbers that hadn't been seen at 2nd base since Rogers Hornsby! How could the Indians give him away? Well, the scouts and front office knew the true story, that CB was beginning a downward spiral, for many reasons not readily apparent to us fans, and decided that his value was never going to be higher. Guess what....good call!
The other trade that pissed me off was when the Tribe sent Felix Fermin (and Reggie Jefferson) to Seattle in the 93-94 offseason. I loved El Gato! Who was this chump that is going to play SS for us now...some nobody from Caracas? And then, I go to the Jake, in early 94, and watch this turkey boot 3 routine plays in the same game.....see, I told you so.
Well, if it had been left to the fans, we never would have had the pleasure of seeing a HOF shortstop work his magic for the decade that he was here, all because we were "taking a step backwards".
There, I feel much better now!

2.4 Million!

2.4 Million dollars - that is what the Indians felt Ben Broussard is worth for one year. I can't tell you how shocked I am at that number. This is the guy who was at the ball park physically but not mentally because he wanted to see what it would be like to be a rock star. Apparently Ben just got a wake up call that baseball is where the money is at. I don't know how many CD's he sold or what kind of musician he is. If the Indians feel like Ben is worth 2.4 Million - they shouldn't even think about giving Coco Crisp 3 mil per year. I think Coco was more productive and contributed more. I just can't believe it!!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Wacky "Riders" Reading

I'm sure you have heard of the fantastic mug shot collection at The Smoking Gun. By all means try and find Jim Trafficant and Don King's mugs. I think Don King in a flat top should be enough for anyone. But our friends at this fine website did not stop there. They have uncovered the contracts for dozens of entertainers from Jane's Addiction to K.C. & The Sunshine Band. Part of most artist's contracts are riders that specify what type of food, drink and cigarettes are to be provided in dressing rooms. It is fascinating that U2 requests bottles of Guinness. I would have thought they would demand a widget.

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Drive

ESPN2 is broadcasting an edited version of the 1986 Broncos v. Browns AFC Championship game. It is actually making me squirm to watch it. I've not seen the footage since the live broadcast.

We all know how it ends. Do you know what I just noticed? The players in 1986 (at least in this game) didn't have end zone routines. They didn't do the funky hippo at every first down. No Sharpies pulled from socks. And there was a HUGE Marlboro Country sign above the scoreboard.

I miss the football I grew up with. But I won't mind it if it is another twenty years before I see "The Drive".

What a day at work!!

Actually, nothing much notable happened today. The reason I am posting is that I did mention to my co-workers that I am a blogger and gave them the domain name. So I'm thinking they might stop by.

Hi guys. Sorry there is nothing here to share at the water cooler.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

You want to be a part of the Super Bowl?

I just read that you and 19 of your closest friends can be part of the Super Bowl. How you ask? Well the entertainment group of the Super Bowl is looking for dancers to be part of the Super Bowl halftime show. Click on this link to sign up. You have to go through some grueling practices (5-6 hours long). You don't get to watch the game, you don't get paid, just the satisfaction that you have the stamina to stand a really long time and dance. I think you do get a little gift package give away. I will be interested to see how many people do this. I guess it helps if you live in the Detroit area because the practices are there. This is too wild!
Oh yea, they prefer you to be 18-45 years old and if you don't have 19 other people to committ to this craziness you are basically stuck out of luck!!

Monday, January 02, 2006

For Me, Football Season Is Over

I just finished watching Ohio State defeat Notre Dame. Those were the last two teams still playing at any level in which I have any interest. The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl was a good contest. Looked beautiful on my HDTV. I even enjoyed a few Tostitos while watching it. Too bad Brent Mussberger called it. For some reason he grates on me like fingernails on a chalkboard.

The Cleveland Browns season mercifully ended yesterday. I really hate to admit it, but I keep getting drawn back to watching them and get excited when they win. It is like some nicotine addiction. You know it will probably end badly, but you think need your fix. Do I really care if Phil Savage remains? Not much. Do I read all the coverage in the papers about the Brownies? Nope. But when the game is on TV and I'm not changing my oil or involved in some other enjoyable pastime, I get emotionally invested in the game. I need help.