Friday, June 30, 2006

The Indians Season is Officially Dunn

It is OVER! The Tribe traded away a veteran (Perez) for a prospect (insert name here) today. If this was not enough to make you think the Indians know this season has seen its best days, then consider this; nine runs given up in two innings. By the back end of the bullpen.

It was gut-check time after a tough loss in St. Louis. And we discovered what the hometown team was made of. And it ain't pretty. Do you think Wickman will ever make it back on the Byrd Christmas card list?

When do the Browns begin camp?

Monday, June 19, 2006

My Indians Fever Broke

Indians fever had me in its grip for a short period earlier in the season. It must have been the 24 hour variety. The fever broke and now I just feel cold, clammy and have a bad taste left in my mouth. In my moments of fever-induced delirium, I thought there was a chance the Indians pitching would be solid and they would produce timely hits. I also thought they could play at least .500 ball. Not so much. The Tribe really isn't a very good team.

What to do if you are suffering as I suffer? Take two aspirin and call me next April.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Who will lead the AL Central at the All-Star break?

I have Indians Fever after they took three-out-of-four from the White Sox. But I still don't know if they can get into first place by the halfway mark.

Take this poll and let me know what you think!

Why Terry Pluto is an excellent writer.

Cleveland sports fans are lucky we have Terry Pluto writing about our teams. I enjoy his writing; he obviously cares about his subjects, he researches thoroughly, he does not shy away from having a strong "voice" (call it point-of-view, if you prefer.) He is enjoyable to read because it appears he enjoys writing. Anyone who has written for a paycheck will tell you that writing is not always enjoyable.

He has a new book coming out, Dealing: The Cleveland Indians' New Ballgame. It is about the business side of professional baseball and a recent history of how the Indians try to compete, contend and rebuild all at the same time. Here is an excerpt.

Fathers Day is around the corner. If Dad is a fan of the Indians, Browns or good books in general, Terry Pluto has probably written a book he would enjoy receiving.