Saturday, October 28, 2006

That was too fast!

Baseball season is over. Congratulations to the Cardinals, and to Ronnie Belliard. I doubt Ronnie dared dream he would wear a ring at the All Star break. I was pleased that Jim Leyland, when interviewed immediately after his team lost, took blame for not preparing his team well enough and said the Cards just played better than the Tigers.

Anyone else get a chuckle out of Commissioner Selig attempting to pronounce David Eckstien's name when presenting him with the MVP hardware? Ole' Bud tried it a couple of ways within a minute. I'll bet if he had to make a longer speech, he would eventually just throw up is arms in confused resignation.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Don't Forget The Motor City

What a hoot it was to see the Detroit Tigers maul the Yankees. I am rooting for the Tigers to go all the way. My beloved Tribe is out of it, so I am a free agent fan. I suppose one could make the case that I should favor the A's. There is an assistant to the GM in that organization that shares my name. But he seems like a bit of a flake, so that is out. I can't cheer the Yankees. Just can't. If you have to ask, I would not be able to explain. So that leaves me with the Tigers. (I'll only root for a National League team if they are playing the Yankees.)

So...let's make a list of reasons to hope the Detroit Tigers claim the World Series crown.

  • Their manager is Jim Leyland.
  • The represent a Great Lakes city that has seen brighter days.
  • Nice job, Chapel
  • My maternal grandparents were married in Detroit.
  • They are not the Yankees.
Please add your reasons in the comments.