Saturday, August 26, 2006

Remain calm, Tribe Fans. We have seen this before.

I know I try and play it cool. I pretend that I could not care less about how my beloved Cleveland Indians play. But the truth is, I still want to watch them win. An win they have done in the last several weeks. I read that the Wahoos possess the best record in the majors since August 9th. I know - that sure seems like an arbitrary date. But I'll take it.

Here is my problem; I had high hopes based on their performance in the last months of 2005 (minus the Chicago series in the last week). I can safely say that 2006 has not met those expectations. Should I just enjoy every victory, and say "Prove yourselves!" next spring?

Monday, August 21, 2006

Red Sox (conster)nation

The Limber One and I are motoring thoughout New England, watching baseball every day. From what we have seen, the "Bloody Socks" fans have already given up on their World Series win of two years ago, and are back to the "woe is us" way of living!. Most of New England is on a suicide watch, as their beloved Red Sawks have lost 4 of 4 to the Bronx Bombers, and appear on the way to losing 5 of 5. It is fun to watch them wallow in their own juices!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Browns are going to stink

I still predict the Browns are going to stink. When they can't find a guy who has the ability to play center and they try to trade away a running back and the trade is voided because he failed the physical - you know you are in trouble. I am still in awe that the guy who actually might help us in the Center position and is being suspended for 4 games for failing the NFL drug policy will not apologize to his teams and the fans. How arrogant can you be?? How long until Spring Training?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

OH Boy! My commute home last night

Yesterday the President of the United States made a trip to the county I live in. He was to talk to some county officials about the recent flooding in the area and then attend a fund raising event for the Republican govenor candidate. When they plan these things - like the President landing in Cleveland between 4pm and 4:20pm - don't they think - this is really going to mess up traffic for thousands of Americans? After yesterday - my guess is heck no. I had to sit at a dead stop in 90 degree heat for about 30 minutes. With gas prices at floating between $2.79 - $2.99 per gallon what choice did I have but to kill the engine and the air conditioner. I turned the radio on from time to time to check and see if he landed yet. Why can't these fundraising events be during the day when fewer travelers are effected?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Cleveland Indians Do Not Have Have A Closer

I just thought I would point that out. In case you were undecided or something. Fausto Carmona was fun to watch when he was a starting pitcher with the Captains. It is not a joy to watch him attempt to close for the Indians.

Manager Eric Wedges stated recently:
"We know we took a step back in 2006, so we want to make sure we do everything we can these last two months to take a giant step forward.''

So I quess we are still in the itty bitty baby step back phase of the plan?

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