Monday, November 28, 2005

Did you know

that I went to College with Albert Belle? not at FSU, but at CSU in '92. He would pass by the couch area where me and my friends would sit. He would say hi to me everyday and I got his autograph for my boyfriend's brother. While he was signing his autograph my now brother-in-law reminded me to ask him if he wanted to play on our intra-mural basketball team that I wasn't a part of. He said he would have to check - I said why are you playing winter ball? He said no spring training - I should have known - he never played with us and then I never spoke with him again. I was proud - he was the first "friend" at CSU that I introduced my sister too - unfortunately he didn't get her name right. Having said all that - I still don't think he belongs in the HOF.

HOF ballot

Well the baseball Hall of Fame ballot is out and Pete Rose has missed his chance at immortality, at least with the writers. I'm sure he'll get a chance with the veterans committee, right!
Questions.. Is Orel Hershiser (204 wins) or Doc Gooden (194 wins) worthy. Koufax is in with 165 wins due to injury so is Albert Belle in with .295 ,381 HR and 1239 RBI? Is it finally Davey Concepcion's turn or Bert Blyleven with 287 wins? Lot of releivers, Bruce Sutter, Goose Gossage, Lee Smith, Doug Jones ( yea Doug Jones, he's got three more saves than Sutter). Always interesting to see who these geniuses leave off their ballot.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thome to the White Sox????

I wonder if his "ROCK" told him to go there. Do you think Charlie will go there next? I think we are still much better now not having Thome. I would take Pronk any day of the week and twice on Sunday's.

Anybody got word on this Ryan guy?? What is Wicky's story???

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Mark Steyn does it again!

I marvel that a humble fellow sitting in a non-descript suburb of a non-major metropolis may access superb writing on the great issues of the day with a click of the mouse. Mark Steyn is a great observer of the world war in which we are engaged. Writing about Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and the recent events in Jordan:
The old head-hacker was sufficiently rattled by the critical pans of his Jordanian hotel bombings that he issued the first IRA-style apology in al-Qa'eda's history. "People of Jordan, we did not undertake to blow up any wedding parties," he said. "For those Muslims who were killed, we ask God to show them mercy, for they were not targets." Yeah, right. Tell it to the non-Marines. It was perfectly obvious to Ali Hussein Ali al-Shamari and his missus what was going on when they strolled into the ballroom of the Radisson Hotel.

Still, Mr Zarqawi has now announced his intention to decapitate King Abdullah. "Your star is fading," he declared. "You will not escape your fate, you descendant of traitors. We will be able to reach your head and chop it off."

Good luck, pal. I don't know what Islamist Suicide-Bombing For Dummies defines as a "soft target" but a Jordanian-Palestinian wedding in the public area of an hotel in a Muslim country with no infidel troops must come pretty close to the softest target of all time. Even more revealing, look at who Zarqawi dispatched to blow up his brother Muslims: why would he send Ali Hussein Ali al-Shamari, one of his most trusted lieutenants, to die in an operation requiring practically no skill?

Hat tip to The Anchoress

Thursday, November 17, 2005

It snowed today

Yes, today was the first day this season that my little frigid corner of paradise saw snow accumulate. Which means, of course, that before I drove two miles on my commute this morning I saw two wrecks. I didn't actually see the impact, just people standing beside cars and gesticulating to police officers. Attempting to recreate in contemporary dance and movement the phrase "Gee officer, I guess I did forget how to drive sometime in the last seven months."

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Read the map, people!

I don't consider myself a particularly fastidious homeowner. I try to keep the grass cut in the summer and the sidewalk scraped in the winter. And in the fall, I try to get the leaves raked into our leaf bags or yard waste cans. Every year our community is kind enough to distribute a map at the beginning of the season showing the schedule for leaf pick-up. On the weeks my neighborhood is on the schedule, I rake the leaves to the tree lawn the closest day practical to the pick-up date. Is this a difficult concept? I guess it is. Some of my neighbors will rake the leaves to the curb anytime the fancy strikes them. Did I mention that Autumn is a windy time of year in this part of the world? You can deduce what follows. My leaves are in cans and bags and their leaves are on my lawn. I implore you, good people in a seven house radius, read the map!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


The Final Diff tonight was 27. Cavs won, by the way.

The season never ends.

Behold my boy John. We try to tell him that the baseball season is over. He will hear nothing of it. Most every evening you can find him taking shadow batting practice. Here he demonstrates his Coco Crisp batting stance. Complete with intimidating stare. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Who is THE DIFF for?

The scoreboard at the Q now shows THE DIFF. Recently it was asked, is this for the fans? or is it for the players to know who is winning?

The murder of Saddam's lawyers

I just read that Saddam's lawyers were murdered. I'm just curious - did Saddam have this done on purpose to delay his trial? Are people really trying to kill Saddam and just missing? I don't know - just thought I would throw that out there.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Best Sports Announcers

My husband and I have been discussing this topic for a few days now. In my humble opinion here is who I think are the some of the best in their respective sports:

Hockey - Gary Thorne

Basketball - Joe Tait

Baseball - Tom Hamilton, Matt Underwood, Craig Deas, Steve Lyons, Joe Buck is ok, Lou Pinnella

Football - Pat Summerall with John Madden, Mike Tirico, Howard Cossell

Golf - Mike Tirico, Jim Nantz

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A good start for the Cavaliers

I tuned into the season opener with LeBron and the boys. Pretty impressive. I have no idea if New Orleans/Oklahoma City is any good. But the Cavs jumped out to an early lead and just kept rolling. The threes were dropping and the free throw percentage was good. Several steals.

In the first half the Hornets got away with too many open shots, but adjustments were seemingly made.

Now for my gripe. With about five minutes left, "The Q" began to empty. I know it is a work/school night, but c'mon! It is only 9:55 as write this. What do Cleveland sports fans need to stick around to the final horn/whistle/gun/out?