Thursday, March 27, 2008

The new look of Progressive Field

I was taking the kids to the zoo yesterday and we passed by the old Jacobs new Progressive Field. Boy have they been busy re-branding the stadium. "Progressive Field" is now over the "Indians" on the scoreboard, they have two brick pillars on the outside that have "Progressive Field" (I don't remember the name Jacobs Field being here) and of course the main big sign from behind that you can see from Route 90 has "Progressive Field". I bet they have it on the back of every seat and inside every toilet stall. All of this was just two much for my 4 year old son who said he does not like the name because he can't say "Progressive" very well. I do wonder once you buy the naming rights does that give you the right to plaster your name everywhere? I guess the Dolans do not care as they got the $ and I'm guessing the city owns the stadium.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Prepare for St. Paddy's Day the Muppet Way

When Science Meets Religion

Professor Micheal Heller has been awarded the Templeton Prize. He stated:

Amongst my numerous fascinations, two have most imposed themselves and proven more time resistant than others: science and religion. I am also too ambitious. I always wanted to do the most important things, and what can be more important than science and religion? Science gives us Knowledge, and religion gives us Meaning. Both are prerequisites of the decent existence. The paradox is that these two great values seem often to be in conflict. I am frequently asked how I could reconcile them with each other. When such a question is posed by a scientist or a philosopher, I invariably wonder how educated people could be so blind not to see that science does nothing else but explores God’s creation.

Tru dat, Professor!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Semper Fi - The Comedy

I'm not a frequent viewer of the Daily Show. Stewart can be funny, but his act wears thin on me. I spent the late eighties and early nineties thinking I had invented and perfected a detached, world-weary persona with a strong dash of fool blistering detatchement. Turns out I was just immature. Wish that had paid better.

Anyway, saw this clip and thought it was pretty damned funny. Berkeley wants the Marines out, out out! And not in a "Don't ask, don't tell" kind of way.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

A note to those in Florida or Arizona

Hello friends -

If you are in Florida or Arizona please do the common courtesy thing and report daily on this blog your sights and seeings at any and all MLB Spring Training facilities. Those of us stuck in the daily wind, ice and snow storms would appreciate a little sunshine sent up north.


Someone who wishes they were in a warmer climate